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Meet KSoft.Si API

KSoft.Si API is a professional, fast, reliable and easy to use multi-function service for Discord bot developers or websites. It provides easy, no-nonsense endpoints with an extensive library of images, user data, weather, geo-location and songs. We run state-of-the-art lyrics service, with blazing fast response times, hosted pages and album art; you can check it out here. We help break mundane tasks that developers face every day.

Over 1M requests every month
Under 20ms response time
Industry standard security

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Get started!

Quick start guide to your first request with our API

Note: All links in this guide will open on another page, so you can come back to the guide for every step.

Step 1: Login and create an application

  1. If you are not already logged in, click here to login.
  2. Open the dashboard here.
  3. Click on the blue button and a window will open.
  4. Enter your bots Discord Client ID, your email will already be inserted and set a name for your application, then click create.
  5. If your application was created successfully a green message will appear. After that please wait patiently for administrators to approve your application, when your app is approved you'll receive a ping in the official server and the token will appear in your dashboard.

Step 2: Making the first request

Congrats on getting your application approved, now we can go down to business.

  1. First we need to test if your token works. Type this command into your linux console:
    curl -X GET 'https://api.ksoft.si/images/random-image?tag=birb' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'
  2. You can check if we have a wrapper for your language here.
  3. Be sure to check API documentation over there: docs.ksoft.si/api.

Step 3: Request features and share your work

We are always open for suggestions, don't be afraid to suggest new features or ask questions. Also if you'd like to contribute, you can post an example to our examples channel. Thank you for using our service we hope we've helped you!